Continuous Mobile App Security.

AppSolid provides automated app security scanning and hardening as a part of DevSecOps. Checking the app security status and applying hardening are done in your development environment with AppSolid.

Automated Mobile App Security Solution

AppSolid provides continuous static and dynamic analysis as well as hardening as a part of your CI/CD pipeline.

About SCAN

AppSolid provides a complete risk diagnosis of application security holes. Detailed reports show your application's vulnerabilities and threats based on the current OWASP Mobile Top 10 Risks. AppSolid detects risks including:

  • SSL

    Encrypted by default but can be vulnerable to attacks like Man-in-the-Middle (MITM).

  • Network Behavior

    Contains server-client communication that can be used to expose sensitive data.

  • SDK

    Unnecessary SDKs in your system lead to security risks and exposure of user’s data.

  • File I/O

    File I/O can be used to inject malicious code to gain read or write access to resources.

  • Encryption

    Leaving cryptographic information such as cipher key in plaintext can pose a significant risk.

  • Exported Providers

    If unsecure it can allow modification of internal app structure or sensitive information.

  • DEX Exposure

    Leakage of DEX file’s location may enable attackers to find a vulnerability effortlessly.

  • Native Libraries

    If vulnerable, attackers can stealthily penetrate your device through your app.

  • Deprecated Objects

    Programmers are discouraged from using because they are outdated and insecure.


AppSolid offers powerful app protection with a real-time security tracking system. AppSolid's advanced protection prevents most common hacking practices including:

  • App Piracy

    Paid and unlocked apps made available for free.

  • IP Theft / Copycats

    Source code re-used without creator’s consent.

  • Behavior Modification

    App logic modified to benefit hackers or to compromise services.

  • Malware Injection

    Malicious code injected into the original app and redistributed.

  • Vulnerability Identification

    Code reviewed to identify vulnerabilities for subsequent attacks.

  • Data Manipulation

    Apps get compromised to steal and or modify user data.

Keep Your Business Safe With AppSolid

Every app developer has code and IP that they would like to protect. When damages are caused to your app, they could bring financial and business harms. Moreover, security is often forgotten during the app development phase. With AppSolid’s advanced protection and monitoring system, securing apps is now easy and fast.