Automated Cyber Force Enabled By Pentoma®


Empowers you to discover security
weaknesses with GAMAN™ Technology.


AI for Cybersecurity

“82% of IT decision makers in 8 countries report a
lack of cybersecurity talents.” - CSIS

A shortage of cybersecurity skills is critical as cyberattacks rapidly advance.

SEWORKS’ AI-based cybersecurity technology boosts organizations to fill the cybersecurity talent gap.

Pentoma® is synchronized with DevOps

Fast growing companies of all sizes and sectors trust Pentoma®

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Learn how much of a potential damage cost
AppSolid saved during 2018.

We analyzed the mobile app hacking attempts AppSolid detected and defeated in 2018 to calculate the cost.


Featured in

  • venturebeat
  • forbes
  • techcrunch
  • netwoekworld

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